TheRouter is written in Kotlin and open sourced by Huolala Technology. It is a complete solution framework for Android modular development. It supports KSP and AGP8, which not only decouples conventional module dependencies and page jumps, but also provides solutions to common problems in the modularization process.For example: it perfectly solves the problem that the application life cycle and business process cannot be obtained in the component after modular development, resulting in the need to modify the code across modules for each initialization and associated dependency call. It is currently the industry’s leading mobile terminal routing framework.

For more introduction, please see the official website:

This release version 1.1.2, the update is as follows:

  • feature: boost ActionManager Use flexibility, expose NavigatorObject for external custom interception rules.
  • feature: boost ActionManager Use flexibility to add parameter passing capability for chain calls.
  • feature: pluginnew inFlowTaskCompile-time dependency graph display, please refer to the document:
  • feature:VirtualFlowTask Add dependencies to ensure the sequence of events.
  • @ServiceProvider Support class annotations (if a class implements multiple interfaces, it needs to be manually declaredreturnType)
  • refactor: refactor DefaultUrlParser Analysis method, compatible withKSPGenerate code.
  • refactor: ObsoleteTheRouterFlowTask.APP_ONCREATEreplaced byTheRouterFlowTask.THEROUTER_INITIALIZATIONit is expected that the deprecated code will be removed in version 1.1.4.
  • refactor: refactorTheRouterTrojanclass nameTheRouteContentProvider.
  • fix:TheRouterLifecycleCallback Memory leak problem.

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