LiteIDE X38.1 is released, supporting Go1.18 generics.

* Support for Go1.18 generics, code completion for generics/instances, lookup and refactoring support.
* Improvements to plugins like environment variables, editor, code completion and integrated terminal.
* Support VS2019 and FreeBSD/OpenBSD compilation.

### 2023.01.22 Ver X38.1
* LiteIDE
    * gotools & gocode support Go1.18 generics
    * support build for windows vs2019
    * support build for freebsd/openbsd
    * fix memory leak
* GolangCode
    * support Go1.18 generics
    * remove options and default set
    * uncheck GOPATH for set-lib
* LiteEnv
    * fix memory leak
    * filter go env
* LiteBuild
    * fix memory leak
    * fix buildconfigdialog twice accept
* LiteEditor
    * fix selection navigation saved
    * check backspace empty completion unpopup
* GolangEdit
    * update actions for GO111MODULE
* GolangPlay
    * load depends
* Bookmarks
    * fix memory leak
* Terminal
    * libterm fix build for vs2019
    * add option for set font
    * ptyqt use conptyprocess for vs2019
    * ptyqt fix unixptyprocess for freebsd/openbsd
* gotools
    * types support generics method lookup
* gocode
    * support generics type autocomplete
    * support incomplete dep autocomplete

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