MX Linux is a mid-weight Linux operating system based on the Debian stable, using the core components of antiX, plus additional software created or packaged by the MX community.

MX Linux 21.3 is the third update to the MX Linux 21 release, which includes bug fixes, kernel and application updates. This version is a relatively small version update, the update content is as follows:

  • Debian 11.6 “bullseye” Basics
  • New and updated applications:
    • Xfce version is now upgraded to Xfce 4.18
    • fluxbox got a new mx-rofi-manager tool to save and manage rofi configurations
    • The KDE release is now a fully “ahs” enabled release, defaulting to the 6.0 ahs kernel. The Debian stable kernel (5.10) is still available in mx-packageinstaller
    • deb-installer: a new tool and Xfce & fluxbox iso for direct installation of deb files, replacing gdebi.
    • All versions now come with the menulibre menu editor, mx-menu-editor is now deprecated
    • All versions have newer firmware packages
    • Updated antiX live/remaster system
    • Most MX apps have received translation updates

More details can be viewed:

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