• spring-cloud-dependencies.version>2022.0.0
  • spring-cloud-alibaba-dependencies.version>2022.0.0.0-RC1
  • nacos.version>2.2.0
  • mybatis.version>3.5.10
  • mybatis-spring.version>2.0.7
  • mybatis-plus.version>
  • knife4j.version>4.0.0
  • springfox.version>3.0.0
  • knife4j-swagger-models-v3.version>2.2.7
  • sentinel.version>1.8.6
  • tencentcloud-sdk-java.version>3.1.548
  • aliyun-dysmsapi.version>2.0.22
  • bce-java-sdk.version>0.10.217
  • esdk-obs-java.version>
  • lombok.version>1.18.24
  • ip2region.version>2.6.5
  • okhttp3.version>4.10.0


  • The spring.factories file is replaced with org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.AutoConfiguration.imports
  • The swagger online documentation is replaced by springfox with springdoc
  • Maintain the source code of easy-captcha by yourself to support jdk17
  • javax.servlet-api -> jakarta.servlet-api


  • lamp-echo-start: Scan the entity classes that need to be echoed under the specified package name at startup, and optimize the problem that echo is slow for the first time
  • lamp-echo-start: When echoing collection data, convert it to a common type for query
  • lamp-cloud-start: Rewrite the construction method of okhttp3.OkHttpClient
  • lamp-cloud-start: adapted to spring cloud 2022
  • redis.yml: redis configuration upgrade
  • Adjust the configuration file in naocs to adapt to the new version of swagger
  • Cancel dozer and replace it with BeanUtil
  • lamp-msg-server: sms-related short message interface upgrade to the latest version


  • lamp-core: ThreadLocal will have problems when solving @Async usage
  • lamp-file-server: Solve the problem that fastdfs has not been adapted to spring boot 3

existing problems

  • The gateway aggregation swagger documentation is missing the context-path parameter.

The code for this upgrade is in the java17 branch, and version 3.9.0 in the master branch corresponds to version 3.9.0-java17 of the java17 branch

  • master: Stable version; stable function, less bugs
    • jdk 8
    • spring cloud 2021.0.5
    • spring cloud alibaba 2021.0.4.0
    • nacos.version 2.1.2
    • spring boot 2.7.6
  • java17: Radical version; the latest technology stack, there may be unknown bugs
    • jdk 17
    • spring cloud 2022.0.0
    • spring cloud alibaba 2022.0.0.0-RC1
    • nacos.version 2.2.0
    • spring boot 3.0.0

灯灯(Lamp for short, English name: lamp), she is a collection of projects, in order to meet the design principles of high cohesion and low coupling, abig projectIt is broken down into the following sub-projects:

lamp-cloudis based onjdk11/jdk8 + SpringCloudAlibaba + SpringCloud + SpringBoot The developed micro-service mid-background rapid development platform focuses on multi-tenant (SaaS architecture) solutions, and can also be used as a basic development framework for ordinary projects (non-SaaS architecture). Currently, pluggable database isolation,SCHEMA isolation,field isolation Wait for the tenant isolation scheme.

She has self-developed RBAC (role authority control system based on tenant applications), unified gateway authentication, data authority, elegant cache solution, anti-cache breakdown, unified form verification of front and back ends, automatic echo of dictionary data, and visualization of front and back ends Code generator, supports multiple file storage, supports multiple SMS and email sending interfaces, gray scale publishing, anti-XSS attack, anti-SQL injection, distributed transaction, distributed timing task and other functions; supports parallel development of multi-service systems, supports multiple Parallel development of services is the best choice for developing scaffolding for middle and back-end systems.

Lamp-cloud has concise code, complete comments, and clear structure, which is very suitable for personal learning and small and medium-sized enterprises as a basic framework. Main frameworks and middleware such as Spring Cloud Alibaba, SpringBoot, Mybatis, Seata, Sentinel, RabbitMQ, FastDFS/MinIO, SkyWalking, etc. are adopted. This project aims to realize basic framework capabilities and does not involve specific businesses.

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