Microsoft has released another feature update for its browser. Version 109 is now available for download in the stable channel and includes several feature changes, bug fixes, and security patches.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge 109:

  • Account linking between personal Microsoft Account (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts
  • TLS server certificate validation changes: In version 110 of Microsoft Edge, the certificate trust list and certificate validator will be decoupled from the root store of the host operating system. Instead, the default certificate trust list and certificate validators will be provided by and shipped with the browser.
  • Text predictions: To help you write faster and make fewer mistakes, Microsoft Edge offers word and sentence predictions for long editable text fields on web pages. (Text prediction is currently only available in English in the US, India, and Australia, and new languages ​​and regions will continue to be added in future Microsoft Edge releases.
  • Microsoft fixed 14 different security issues in Microsoft Edge 109. Two of the security issues are specific to Edge, while the remaining 12 are shared with other Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera, among others.
    • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability – CVE-2023-21775
    • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability – CVE-2023-21796

Note: Edge 109 is the last browser version compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft ended support for both operating systems with the January 2023 Patch.

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