1. Introduction to smart-mqtt

smart-mqtt is an MQTT Broker service developed in java language, and it is also the first truly IoT-oriented solution under the smartboot organization. It aims to help enterprises quickly build stable and reliable IoT services at a lower cost, and facilitate the interconnection of all things.

The smartboot open source organization is a low-key organization that is easily mistaken for “reinventing the wheel”.had won 2020 OSC China Open Source Project “Excellent Gitee Organization”honor.

Star projects within the organization include:

  • smart-socket
    It took 5 years to refine more than 2,000 lines of codeeasily realize the AIO communication framework of millions of long connections.

  • smart-http
    HTTP/1.1 web service implemented based on smart-socket.

  • smart-servlet
    Servlet 3.1 container service implemented based on smart-http.

  • smart-broker
    MQTT 3.1.1/5.0 Broker service implemented based on smart-socket.

Organization address: https://smartboot.tech/

2. Version update

This release mainly adds support for the MQTT5.0 protocol. This request was initiated by community friend cea5. I am very grateful to cea5 for the code contribution and the valuable feedback given during the process.

Due to the complexity of the MQTT5.0 specification, this time, the compatibility transformation at the codec level has been mainly completed, and the specific behavior specification has not yet been implemented. In order to better adapt to MQTT5.0, we have made a lot of structural optimizations to smart-mqtt this time, and there is still a lot of research and development work to be implemented in the future.

We plan to disassemble this huge project into multiple small version iterations. When MQTT5.0 is still in the semi-finished period, it is not recommended to use smart-mqtt in production scenarios. Of course, we will try our best to shorten this cycle and strive to release a mature and stable version as soon as possible.

This update:

  1. Adapt to mqtt 5.0 protocolspecification.

  2. Updated project readme description information.

  3. MqttClient supports maxPacketSize configuration, which limits the upper limit of MQTT message packet capacity.

  4. Add event type:SUBSCRIBE_REFRESH_TOPICtriggered when the client cancels the topic subscription.

  5. Fix the problem of message subscription failure in certain scenarios.

  6. Rework message codecs. Make the overall structure clearer and more extensible.

  7. smart-socket upgraded to 1.6.1.

3. How to obtain smart-mqtt

3.1 Source code

3.2 Maven dependencies

  • mqtt broker


  • mqtt client


3.3 Release package

4. About smart-mqtt Enterprise Edition

smart-mqtt is currently maintained by individual developers in their spare time, and there is no plan to provide commercial services.

For the sustainable development of the project, we have enriched some enterprise-level functions on the basis of the smart-mqtt community edition. If your company recognizes the value of smart-mqtt, you can obtain enterprise edition authorization by becoming a sponsor.


  1. Enterprise license certification. If the authorization expires, the service cannot be started, but the running Broker will not be affected by the authorization expiration.

  2. MQTT over WebSocket.

  3. Broker cluster deployment.

  4. To be continued…

sponsor level

bronze sponsorsilver sponsorgold sponsorplatinum sponsor
Conditions of sponsorshipJoin the Enterprise Support Program500 yuan / year1500 yuan/year5000 yuan/year
License validity period1 year1 year1 year1 year
Deployment guide1 time1 timeUnlimited
Logo DisplaysmallMediumlarge
Home Logo Displayโœ…
Technical Supportdocumentmail/ISSUEWeChat/QQ/EmailWeChat/QQ/Email

Value of a Silver Sponsor:

Becoming a sponsor follows the voluntary principle of both parties, and we will provide smart-mqtt-related technical support as much as possible within our capabilities. At the same time, due to limited time and energy, we don’t want to bring additional burden and affect the normal iteration of the project.

Therefore, if you have any questions, try to communicate through ISSUE, or find answers by yourself through ISSUE and official documents, and hope to understand~~


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