Conan is a decentralized, open source C/C++ package manager. Available for all platforms, including Linux, macOS, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Docker, WSL, and more. It can create, upload and download binaries, and even cross-compile for any configuration and platform, saving a lot of development and continuous integration time.

Conan 1.57 is officially released, the updates are as follows:

  • Feature: Added helper functions for AutotoolsToolchain: update_configure_args, update_make_args and update_autoreconf_args to update/tweak flags effortlessly
  • Function: allowed to use"Skip generation of conanvcvars.bat
  • Feature: Added new raise_invalid parameter to check_min_vs
  • Function: Added a conf variable for using -T The linker flags the linker script
  • Function: CMakeToolchain can also write CMake Test Presets
  • Function: Added in the cmake.install function -component function of the parameter
  • Fix: AutotoolsToolchain.configure_args was fully initialized
  • Fix: Obsolete gcc 12’s c++2ause instead c++20
  • Fix: Fixed passing valid GNU triples when using AutotoolsToolchain and cross-build on Windows
  • Bugfix: AutotoolsToolchain.configure_args overrides Conan’s precomputed arguments
  • Bug fix: fix remove_broken_symlinks Issues failing in relative path symlinks
  • Bugfix: Fixed KeyError “buildPresets” , the field is optional according to spec
  • Bugfix: fix XcodeDeps issue with root package_folder=None in “editable” mode
  • Bugfix: make cmake_layout Use a single configuration folder for generated files
  • Bug fix: allow compatibility()for locking files

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