Pyright is a Python code type checking tool developed by Microsoft.

Pyright is more than 5 times faster than mypy. Pyright is developed using TypeScript and does not require Python environment support.

Officially, Pyright was created to solve the problems of existing Python type checkers like mypy. There are the following features worth noting:

  • high speed:Pyright is generally 5x or more faster than mypy and other checkers written in Python. It works well with large Python source repositories, supports running in “watch” mode, and performs fast incremental updates when files are modified.
  • Configurable: Pyright supports flexible configuration, provides fine-grained control over settings, and can specify different “execution environments” for different subsets of the source code repository. Each environment can specify a different PYTHONPATH setting, Python language version, and target platform.

  • Does not depend on the Python environment: Written in TypeScript, Pyright does not require a Python environment or imported third-party packages.

Pyright includes a command-line tool and a Language Server Protocol plugin for VS Code.

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