KeePass is a free and open source password manager that helps you manage passwords in a secure manner. You can keep all your passwords in a database, locked with a master password or a key file. Therefore, you only need to remember one master password or choose a key file to unlock the entire database. The database is encrypted using very secure encryption algorithms (AES/Rijndael, Twofish).

KeePass 2.53 is officially released. This is a stable version. The main update of KeePass 2.52 is the enhancement of the user interface and integration, as well as various other small new features and improvements. The specific updates of this version are as follows:

new function:

  • For each entry listed on the “History” tab of the entry dialog, the Modified field relative to the previous entry is displayed.
  • Added a “Compare” button to the “History” tab of the entry dialog; when two (not necessarily consecutive) history entries are selected, clicking this button will display a detailed comparison (including values, etc.).
  • When editing an entry, the entry dialog’s history entry list now contains an entry named “Conversation (unsaved)” which represents all data entered in the current dialog (other tab).
  • When editing an entry, the entry dialog’s list of historical entries now contains an entry named “Current (time)”, which is the entry currently stored in the database (without any changes made in the current dialog).
  • A ‘History’ command has been added to the main ‘Find’ menu; it lists all entry modifications (sorted by time).
  • Added filter boxes to most report dialogs (last modified entry, history, password quality, historical entry comparison, database file search, etc.).
  • Added “Print” button to most report dialogs
  • Added “Export” button to most report dialogs; supported formats are CSV and HTML
  • Added optional built-in global URL override for opening HTTP/HTTPS URLs with Edge browser in private mode
  • When attempting to rearrange entries when autosort is activated, KeePass now asks whether to deactivate autosort
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T for “Copy Time-Based OTP” input data command
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T for the “Show Time-Based OTP” input data command
  • Enhanced Password Depot XML module to support new formats (added support for new node names, group icons, recycle bin, tags, favorites, history, enhanced icon mapping, enhanced date/time parsing)
  • Added borders to titles in HTML export/print
  • Added support for running KeePass in FIPS mode


  • History entries listed on the “History” tab of the entries dialog are now sorted from newest to oldest
  • The icon in the list on the “History” tab of the entry dialog now shows the entry’s type.
  • The entry dialog’s history entry control is now disabled when creating a new entry
  • The “Revert” button for history entries is now disabled when any changes have been made in the current dialog.
  • When deleting a history entry, the “password modified” time is now updated immediately.
  • Rearranged the web browser’s URL overlay in alphabetical order.
  • Improved item splitting in item detail view
  • Groups in group paths are now separated by right arrows instead of hyphens in most places.
  • Improved last-modified time comparison for plugin data dictionaries
  • Unified generation of common HTML sections
  • Various UI text improvements
  • Various code optimizations
  • Other small improvements


  • History entry “Restore” button now always works as expected.

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