mold is a quick replacement for the existing Unix linker. It is several times faster than the LLVM lld linker. mold aims to increase developer productivity by reducing build times, especially during rapid debug-edit-rebuild cycles.

new function

mold gained support for three new targets: 32-bit PowerPC, SH-4, and DEC Alpha. It didn’t take us days to complete each port, which shows how portable the mold linker is.

Bug fixes and compatibility improvements

  • In rare cases, a statically initialized function pointer may get a wrong address in a statically linked executable. This bug has been fixed.
  • fixed a gdb-index option crash bug on big-endian hosts.
  • [RISC-V] Mold rewrites machine instructions in wrong way if output file is linked against high address, which is wrong R_RISCV_HI20 The result of relaxation. This is not a problem for user-land programs, but kernels linked with mold may crash with this error.

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