Debian’s bug logging shows that currently Debian has completely removed packages related to Python 2.

On December 27, 2022, a maintainer posted an email stating that the “residual” Python 2 related packages in Debian would be removed, but this needs to be enforced:

Now, this work has been successfully completed, which means that Debian has finally removed Python 2 completely. Many developers also lament the hard-earned.

Python 2 officially ended support as early as 2020, and the father of Python announced the news in 2018. Since then, major distributions and open source software have begun to reduce their dependence on Python 2. For example, many well-known projects such as NumPy, Requests, and TensorFlow will stop supporting Python 2.x in 2020. Among the releases, Fedora 33 is the first to completely end support for Python 2.6, and then Ubuntu 20.04 LTS began to remove Python 2. Mageia 8 The dependency on Python 2 has also been removed.

When Python 2 just ended support, Debian maintainers called the distributionThere are still about 3300 bugs related to Python 2 packages in , as well as a large number of packages that have been kept for compatibility. As you can see, completely removing Python 2 from Debian is a big undertaking. So it took Debian more than three years to fully complete the work.

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