TouchSocket v1.0.0 has been released, which is a network communication service framework.

For major version upgrades, please read the following update logs in detail, especially the marked ones.

Update details:


1. Tcp is asynchronous sending efficiency.

2. The robustness of the TouchRpc-based Channel.


1. ValueByteBlock, which can effectively reduce the number of classes created in a simple code block.

2. MemoryCache class, its function is similar to Microsoft official. But all generics are supported.

3. IPackage system. This series enables super-efficient binary serialization.

4. SingleTimer class, non-reentrant Timer.

5. Jsonrpc supports custom adapter parsing (EE)

6. TouchRpc is notified by OnRouting, and all communication between clients must pass the screening of OnRouting.

7. TouchRpc is a small file transfer system. When the file is less than 1Mb, its transfer efficiency is more than 10 times that of conventional transfer.

8. TouchRpc is a multi-link transmission of super-large files, and supports multiple clients to transmit the same file collaboratively. In the Internet environment, the efficiency is 3-5 times higher than that of conventional transmission.

9. TouchRpc is a Redis component, which can realize dual-terminal common storage.


1. Streamline all namespaces and delete all third-level namespaces. For example: TouchSocket.Core.ByteManager is simplified as TouchSocket.Core.

2. Delete the source code embedding of Newtonsoft.Json.The global Json will be dynamically adjusted according to the environment, see Json tool for details

3. The default log of the framework is replaced by ConsoleLogger with EmptyLogger (does not output anything).

4. For all Tcp systems, when connecting, the initial value of the ID is incremented from 0 using the long type.

5. For the Tcp server, replace the option of regularly cleaning without data interaction with the UseCheckClear plug-in. And it is not enabled by default and needs to be added manually.

6. For Tcp adapter, some parameters are canceled.

7. DataLock was renamed DataSecurity.

8. EasyAction changed its name to EasyTask.

9. IMessage is renamed IMessageObject.

10. TokenInstance is renamed to MessageInstance.

11. TouchRpc system, streamline routine file transfer operations.

12. For the TouchRpc system, all plug-in notification parameters are set to not allow operation by default, and e.IsPermitOperation=true needs to be manually set.


1. Multiple unstable bugs.


1. Multiple useless method parameters.

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