Upscayl is a free and open source AI image super-resolution tool. The AI ​​model enhances the image and improves the resolution by guessing the details. Available for Linux, macOS, and Windows, Upscayl was built with Linux first.

Upscayl 2 is officially released, the updates are as follows:

  • 29 new themes
  • 3 new AI models
  • Now Upscayl will remember your settings even if you turn it off
  • New advanced options, now you can save images in PNG, JPG or WEBP format
  • Added manual GPU ID control for users using Multi-GPU
  • New image scaling option, now you can enlarge your image by 200%
  • Added an option to view original and enlarged resolution
  • Reduced size since V2 BETA
  • Added Remacri
  • Added Ultramix Balanced
  • Added Ultrasharp
  • Bug fixes

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