Hello everyone, Zen Road 18.0.beta3 has been released. The original statistical module has been upgraded to a BI module with 5 built-in large screens in the macro management dimension. The BI module can help to quickly understand the company’s current situation from a macro perspective, and the built-in “company data inventory””Overview of the company’s annual new data“Annual ranking list”, “Iterative burndown chart” and “Annual summary” five large visual screens help the company’s senior management understand the annual situation and assist in corporate decision-making.

In order to bring you a better experience, ZenTao 18.0 focuses on optimizing the core process. Due to the large process changes, there may be incomplete functions in the beta version. Your valuable suggestions are welcome. Be sure to back up your data before upgrading.

Continuous optimization and regular updates, Zen Road is always on the road.

The release data of Zen Road is as follows:

New function point


  • The original statistics module is upgraded to BI module.
  • Added a large screen module to the BI secondary navigation.
  • Built-in company data inventory large screen.
  • Built-in large screen of the company’s annual new data overview.
  • Built-in big screen of annual leaderboard.
  • Built-in large screen of iterative burndown chart.
  • Built-in annual summary large screen.

Please click to view all the optimization requirements of this issue: https://github.com/easysoft/zentaopms/blob/master/doc/CHANGELOG

▼ The large screen of company data inventory can quickly understand the company’s current situation from a macro perspective.

▼ The company’s annual new data overview large screen, you can understand the company’s summary data by different years.

▼ The large screen of the annual ranking list allows you to quickly understand the progress, input, and output rankings from the perspectives of project sets, projects, products, and individuals.

▼ The large screen of the iterative burndown chart can quickly view the burndown charts of all unclosed iterations of the company.

▼ The large screen of the annual summary can quickly understand the situation of the annual work summary from the perspective of the year, department, and individual.

download link

Docker image: click here

help manual

Installation document: https://www.zentao.net/book/zentaopmshelp/40.html

Upgrade document: https://www.zentao.net/book/zentaoprohelp/41.html

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