Microsoft has finally added a built-in Markdown editor to Visual Studio.

According to the official blog, Microsoft has decided to add a Markdown editor to Visual Studio due to feedback received from many users. Developers can use the Markdown editing function by downloading the latest Visual Studio 17.5 preview version 2, and can easily edit Markdown files without jumping out of the IDE. It is said that spell detection support will be provided in a future version.

Markdown editing experience in Visual Studio 2022:

Download link:

After upgrading to Visual Studio 17.5 Preview 2, the Markdown editor will be enabled by default. If you want to stop using this feature, you need to go to the preview feature page to set it manually.

The built-in Markdown editor of Visual Studio currently provides the following functions:

  • Supports syntax highlighting for easy parsing
  • Decorators such as strikethrough and bold are supported directly in the editor
  • A preview window showing how the rendered HTML will look: the preview can be brought up on the right side of the editor via the Shift+F7 shortcut.There is also a button in the upper left corner of the editor to toggle the preview on and off
  • Most of the standard controls that users are familiar with in the Visual Studio editor also apply to the Markdown editor.For example, try Shift+Alt+Down Arrow to create multiple carets and quickly modify bulleted lists


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