CudaText is a cross-platform text editor written in Object Pascal. It’s an open source project, it’s fairly fast to start, it’s extensible with Python plugins, and it brings a feature-rich parser with the help of the EControl engine.

CudaText 1.180.0 is officially released, the updates are as follows:


  • option “ui_open_dir”
  • Encoding “cp861” (DOS Icelandic), “cp865” (DOS Norse)
  • Reworked how the micromap is drawn in word-wrapped mode (whether on vertical or non-vertical scrollbars); now it draws all WrapInfo items, e.g. long wrapped lines give several cells
  • Find dialog: After “Select all”, scroll to the first caret
  • Find dialog, Console dialog: handle global application hotkeys
  • The dialog “Lexer style mapping” renders styles in the second list box
  • lexer CSS: add missing canonical function/property names



  • Project Manager: Changed current folder was not always passed to the application
  • On macOS, the External Tools plugin displays the Edit dialog for the wrong list item
  • regression: If >20 tabs are open, closed tabs are not added to “recents”
  • regression: “pinned” tabs are not closed when loading a session
  • Use of “pkexec” must be disabled on macOS and enabled on Solaris

For details, please view:

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