How To Add Running Text In WordPress (FAST & Easy!)
Learn how to add running, scrolling, or moving text in WordPress step by step.

Adding running text in WordPress is a quick and easy process.

To start go to the WordPress dashboard. Hover over the pages or posts tab in the left-side menu.

The steps are the same for both. I’ll click pages. I’ll choose a page and click edit. Click the plus icon where I want to add it. In the search field, type in custom html. Next, you want to input the html code I provided in the description below for the running text. I’ll paste in the html code. Where you see behavior I have it set to scroll. You can always change the behavior of this here if you need too. Where you see direction you’ll see I have it set to left. To make it a different direction you can input it here. For example, you could change it to right if you wanted. Where it says your running text goes here. Just input the running text you want it to display.

Next, click update to save your changes. I’ll click the view page icon. You’ll see the running text is now showing and working on the page.

That is how to add running text, moving text, or scrolling text in WordPress.

Here’s the link to get the custom HTML code to add:

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