In “The Nature of Technology” (Brian Arthur), Brian offers some extremely profound insights, such as: technology is compositional and recursive. Different projects depend on each other and form symbiosis, and there are bound to be some risks in this process. The software supply chain can best reflect the symbiotic relationship between different software. A good supply chain must be safe and efficient, so as to create a good development ecology for the software in the supply chain. However, there are still many problems in the current software supply chain, which need to be discussed and resolved by multiple parties…

In the sixth episode of the “China Open Source Community Landscape Community Chat” series of live broadcasts, we invited four well-known experts in the open source circle: Song Ke, Jiang Ning, Tison and Gao Sheng, to focus on the ecological aspects of the open source supply chain. Present situation and future, let’s talk about the current open source supply chain security issues that need to be focused on, and how to build the corresponding open source supply chain risk assessment system/emergency mechanism…

During the live broadcast, you can ask questions at any time, and the guests will select high-quality questions to answer, and the selected questioners can get a gift.

1. Live theme

Topic: Ecological Construction and Risk Management of Open Source Software
Time: December 23 (Friday) 19:00 ~ 20:30
Platform: “OSC Open Source Community” video account
Sponsor: China Open Source Community Landscape (COSCL) Community

2. Live broadcast guests:

Moderator: Song KeExecutive Deputy Director of Beijing Open Source Innovation Committee, Deputy Secretary-General of China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance

Live broadcast guest: tisonApache Member & Incubator Mentor, Apache Flink Committer, author of the public account “Book of Night Sky”

Live broadcast guest: Jiang Ning2022 Director of the Apache Software Foundation

Live broadcast guest: Gao ShengHead of Ant Group’s Open Source Compliance Platform

3. Live notification group

Join the group chat, get the first-hand notification of the live broadcast, and discuss technology with other developers (bragging).

4. Live topic

  • Talk about supply chain security issues, supply cuts, upstream vulnerabilities…
  • How to build an open source risk assessment system/emergency mechanism
  • How to build a high-quality supply chain and ecology
  • Future Trends of Open Source Supply Chain

5. Benefits of live streaming

Lucky bag lottery draw: There will be multiple rounds of lottery draws during the live broadcast, 10 + winning places,Participating will have the opportunity to win OSC T-shirts, notebooks, Xiaomi thermos cups, cutting-edge technology books and other gifts.

About Chinese Open Source Community Landscape Community

COSCLC: Chinese open source community Landscape community, a community based on domestic open source communities, aims to promote the development of domestic open source ecology by gathering community strength. (The specific charter of COSCLC and other plans are under preparation and will be announced soon.)

About the “COSCLC Community Chat” series of live broadcasts

The “COSCLC Community Chat” series of live broadcasts was launched by the Chinese open source community Landscape Community (COSCLC), focusing on the open source community and open source authors behind the open source project, allowing them to chat freely: why did their own open source project start, what experience What kind of development has been done, the ups and downs of the open source author/community in the open source process, the operating experience of the open source project…

There are different stories behind every open source project, let us listen to these voices from the community and from the author.

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