fd is a program that finds entries in the file system. It is a simple, fast and user-friendly replacement for find. While it does not aim to support all the powerful features of find, it provides reasonable defaults for most use cases.

fd 8.6.0 is released, the updates are as follows:


  • Add -and <pattern> option to add additional patterns that must match
  • increased -changed-after as -changed-within an alias for the -changed-before The names are consistent.


  • On Unix-like systems,-type executable now additionally checks that the file is executable by the current user

Bug fixes:

  • Use fd instead of fd.exe for Powershell completion (when completion is generated on Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where the full path to the fd command was not included when the completion was generated
  • Fixed build error if completion was disabled
  • repair --owner Analysis of options
  • repair --threads/-j Option value parsing

For more details, please check: https://github.com/sharkdp/fd/releases

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