Raspberry PiAnnounceHired Toby Roberts, an expert in making spy equipment. Before joining the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Toby Roberts was a police officer with the East Regional Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) in the UK, where he used the Raspberry Pi to build a lot of surveillance technology.

“I used to be a police officer dealing with some serious organized crime and terrorist threats in the East of England. I was a technical surveillance officer for 15 years, so I made stuff to hide video, audio and other covert gear. You really don’t want your sensitive police equipment to be found, so I would disguise it as something else, like a piece of street furniture or household item. The various tools and equipment I was using really influenced what I do today. “

Roberts said that over the years heThe Raspberry Pi is heavily used in various police tactics. He also enjoys designing and building 3D printers himself, and has combined 3D printing technology with many Raspberry Pi projects, including building RP2040-based lightsabers, Raspberry Pi Pico Iron Man reactors, and more.but Roberts’sThe appointment announcement did not mention how he used the Raspberry Pi while he was a police officer, nor whether he would consult with former colleagues or similar agencies in the future.

This decision of the Raspberry Pi inevitably caused users to worry about being implanted as a spy device, and some peoplepointed outIt is not good for them to glorify police surveillance in this way. But in the face of users’ doubts, the Raspberry Pi didn’t seem to buy it, and even carried out a “Mastodon”ridicule“.

afterwardsSomeone specifically asked the Raspberry Pi’s official Twitter who is managing its Mastodon account; the response was, “It’s the same person who manages Twitter.”In this regard, netizensridiculeThe best way to publicize the Raspberry Pi right now is to claim that its account has been hacked.

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