Microsoft recently announced an updated roadmap for implementing Manifest V3 and phasing out the Manifest V2 browser extension. After the update, enterprises can continue to use the Manifest V2 extension on systems configured with corresponding policies until at least January 2024. According to the blog post, Microsoft may further extend support for the Manifest V2 extension, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Manifest V3 is actively discussed among browser developers, extension developers, enterprise organizations, and ordinary users. Although most people are criticizing Manifest V3, major browser manufacturers are still promoting the support of Manifest V3. The level of support varies from vendor to vendor. For example, Firefox plans to support the Manifest V2 function while supporting Manifest V3. Vivaldi did not specify how to implement it, but only indicated that the content blocking extension can continue to be used normally.

Microsoft has stopped accepting new extensions for Manifest V2 in July 2022, but it has not canceled support in Microsoft Edge. Both Manifest V2 and V3 extensions can be installed in the latest version of Microsoft Edge, and developers can still add new extensions to existing Extensions push updates to maintain or add new features.

The official migration timeline for Microsoft Edge Manifest V2 support has not been updated with new information. The migration process is currently still in the first phase as described above.

In the next stage, Microsoft will no longer allow developers to update Manifest V2 extensions, and extension developers can only release extensions that are upgraded to Manifest V3. Also starting at this stage, Edge users can no longer run Manifest V2 extensions unless enterprise policy is configured to allow Manifest V2 extensions.

In the third and final phase, Manifest V2 extensions will not work in any version of Edge, regardless of enterprise policy settings.

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