A “mysterious force” has caused a tenfold increase in the weekly npm downloads of the well-known front-end framework Vue, so that Vue founder You YuxiTweetAsk for help “I don’t know who made it, please fix it quickly.”

As can be seen from the NPM Trends page, last week (November 27) the vue npm downloads reached a staggering 38 million, a tenfold increase from the 3.6 million downloads of the previous week (November 20). And other front-end frameworks, such as React and angular, have no obvious fluctuations.

On the contrary, another front-end UI framework, Svelte, also experienced a roller coaster experience. The weekly downloads first soared from 400,000 daily to 28 million, and then fell sharply, but it has not yet returned to normal levels.

Enthusiastic netizens suggested that You Yuxi directly ask the npm official, but Rich Harris, the author of the Svelte framework, said that he had tried to communicate with npm, but the npm official could not disclose any useful information. Currently, he only knows that UA is from Deno, and he does not know anything else.

Everyone commented and ridiculed under You Yuxi’s tweet, guessing the reason for the skyrocketing downloads of Npm: Vue framework contributor Johnson Chu said that this may be a performance art, in order to express that it is meaningless to compare front-end frameworks by downloads .

Another netizen thinks that maybe the recently hot chatGPT AI is learning how to make Vue applications a lot, and will run npm install in each iteration, resulting in a surge in downloads. In addition, some people believe that the incident is related to the official release of version 3.0 of the Nuxt framework. Nuxt version 3.0 is based on Vue 3, which may lead to a surge in Vue downloads.

However, the reason for the surge in Vue npm downloads has not yet been definitively determined. We can only wait for the next round of npm statistics or official announcements, and we will closely track subsequent developments.

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