Taro 3.5.8 is now released. Taro is an open cross-terminal cross-framework solution that supports the use of frameworks such as React/Vue/Nerv to develop applications such as WeChat/JD/Baidu/Alipay/ByteDance/QQ Mini Programs/H5.

The specific updates of this version are as follows:



  • Add public logic extraction fix for independent subpackage #12206
  • After the html translation plug-in is enabled, some element attributes are not mapped, resulting in update failure fix #12673
  • Support chooseContact related API fix #11356


  • previewImage view large image function, support gesture zoom
  • The downloadFile method adds a new timeout field fix #12648



  • Compatible with alipay and delete the native-slot parameter
  • Unify the rule name of stylus to facilitate obtaining corresponding rules through webpack-chain
  • Repair the compilation details and re-specify the output to be invalid for project.config, and support custom compilation configuration to package and output to different targets according to different terminals
  • Fix byte applet showToast API difference fix #11879
  • Optimize the webpack plugin to use the compiler to export instances


  • Compatible with Windows Compilation exclude @tarojs/components escaping
  • Optimize preact compatibility issue fix #12693
  • Optimize the plug-in method of judging the mode parameter, and fix the hot update dependency error fix #12685
  • Fix the problem that the disabled parameter of the Button component is invalid fix #12797
  • Added parameters for calling the API when the incompatibility event is raised


  • Optimize screenOptions configuration parameter fix #12743


  • Add .env* file parsing logic to expand the variables defined in the configuration file to process.env
  • Optimize PreBundle features, inherit plugins and modules related types when building remote applications, and fix prebundle library references
  • Optimize the PreBundle feature, prompt an error when it fails, and automatically skip the compilation task


  • Support native parameters of vue3 custom element
  • Fix View component catchMove missing error fix #12686
  • Fix getOpenUserInfo return result type error
  • Supplement downloadFile method timeout field
  • Support native-slot component type
  • Optimize the automatic synchronization script to synchronize known unique component types at each end

Update instructions: https://github.com/NervJS/taro/releases/tag/v3.5.8

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