Spring Integration 6.0.0 is now generally available and can be found on Maven Central.

This release is the culmination of more than a year of work and is fully based on Spring Framework 6.0, Spring Data 2022.0, Spring for GraphQL 1.1, Spring WebServices 4.0, on the other hand Spring Integration 6.0 is part of the recently released Spring Boot 3.0.

Major improvements:

  • Java17 baseline
  • Native image support using GraalVM and the Spring AOT engine
  • Uses EE9 baseline, supports Jakarta EE 10
  • Support for using Micrometer to enable observation and tracking of timers.For more information, see Micrometer Observed.
  • Added new MQTTClientManager, to support reusable MQTT connections across different channel adapters. For more information, see Shared MQTT client support.
  • Added GraphQL support. See GraphQL Support for details.
  • Introduced support for Apache Camel routing. See Apache Camel Support for details.
  • The Hazelcast Spring Integration Extensions project is available asspring-integration-hazelcastModule migration. See Hazelcast Support for details.
  • Introduced Kotlin Coroutines support. See Kotlin Coroutines for details.

More general improvements can be found on the Version 6.0 Feature Improvements page.

Update announcement: https://spring.io/blog/2022/11/29/spring-integration-6-0-goes-ga

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