Would you like to know how to optimize your blog titles right within WordPress?

After you’ve installed AIOSEO, the next step to optimizing your blog titles is to use the Standalone Headline Analyzer. You can find this handy tool by going to your AIOSEO menu » SEO Analysis » Headline Analyzer.

You can use AIOSEO’s Headline Analyzer to get a score of how good your blog post title is.

Next, type (or copy and paste) your blog title into the Headline Analyzer and click Analyze. The Headline Analyzer will then give you a score for your headlines and recommendations on the word balance needed to score higher.

Headline Analyzer also gives you an analysis of the type of headline you have created. All this is important information you can use to optimize your blog titles.

In a time crunch and need to get your article ready to publish ASAP?

Then you’ll be glad to know that our Headline Analyzer also works in the WordPress editor. Clicking on the Headline Analyzer icon will open the Headline Analyzer in the sidebar, making it easier to optimize your blog title as you work on your article.

Headline Analyzer gives you a score and recommendations right in the WordPress editor. Once you have your headline score and the Headline Analyzer’s analysis, follow the recommendations to optimize your blog title.

And that’s it! You’ve optimized your blog titles right inside the WordPress Post Editor.

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00:14 – Why Are Blog Titles Important?
01:09 – Install AIOSEO
03:11 – The Standalone Headline Analyzer
04:41 – The Analyzer in The Editor
06:06 – Outro

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