In the blink of an eye, 2022 has come to an end. In the past year, domestic open source forces continued to flourish and move forward steadily; at the same time, more and more teams began to focus on the operation of open source communities.

As a local open source technology community, News Fast Delivery has also been sparing no effort to help the development of domestic open source, contributing a little to the construction of a good Chinese open source ecology; the platform has a complete set of models and capabilities to help the open source project community to operate.

Open source project communities and technical teams are indispensable backbones in the process of open source ecological development. News Fast Delivery is determined to provide these groups with a voice channel, and continuously disseminates the latest information on open source and development technologies to developers, so that more developers pay attention To excellent open source projects and technologies.

In 2022, we integrated the performances of major certified official technical teams on the News Fast Delivery platform, the frequency and quality of content published annually by open source community accounts, and the enthusiasm for various activities and operations. News Fast DeliveryThe “2022 Excellent Open Source Technology Team” award is to encourage everyone’s enthusiasm and hard work, and together make China’s open source ecology more optimistic. The development of the open source ecosystem is inseparable from you. This is also the second year that News Fast Delivery launched the award. More technical teams and open source project communities are welcome to participate in the communication of News Fast Delivery.

The specific list is as follows (in alphabetical order, in no particular order):

Alluxio Official

Alibaba Terminal Technology

Alibaba Cloud Cloud Native:Explore cloud-native technologies side by side with you and share what you need

Baidu Geek says

CloudWeGo:Leading Practices in Building Enterprise Cloud Native Middleware

Dewu technology:Invite you to be the most fashionable technical person

Kangaroo cloud data stack DTinsight:With technology as the core, let us make the future into the present together

DolphinSchedulerCommunity:Focus on big data task scheduling

Dromara Open Source Organization

dubbo-go open source community

FIT2CLOUD:Software is valuable only when it is used, and there are opportunities for improvement

HMS Core:Together with the developers, grow together, share the excitement

HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Alliance:Share HUAWEI CLOUD’s cutting-edge information and trends to facilitate the rapid growth and development of developers

JetBrains China:Committed to building the world’s most powerful and efficient developer tools

Juice data:Make the most easy-to-use cloud shared file system

JD Cloud Developer:Provide technology sharing and exchange for AI, cloud computing, IoT and other related fields

Business database

KubeSphere:An open source application-centric container cloud platform that supports multi-cloud and multi-cluster management


MASA technical team:Focus on .NET modern application development solutions

NebulaGraph:An open-source distributed graph database with millisecond-level query latency for hundreds of billions of vertices and trillions of edges

NGINX Open Source Community

openKylin:Open source gathers strength to create a better future

OneFlow Deep Learning Framework

Orillusion:Committed to creating a completely open source lightweight rendering engine based on the WebGPU standard

PostgreSQL China

Rainbond:Supports management of multiple Kubernetes clusters and provides full lifecycle management of enterprise-level applications


SeaTunnel:Very easy-to-use ultra-high-performance distributed data integration platform that supports real-time synchronization of massive data


ShardingSphere Community:Update the technical news of ShardingSphere, a well-known Apache top project, as soon as possible

Soundnet:Global real-time interactive cloud service pioneer and leader

Shopee technical team:Discuss cutting-edge technology thinking and application with you

StarRocks: committed toBuild the world’s top new generation of extremely fast full-scenario MPP database

StoneDB:Enterprise-level integrated real-time HTAP open source database

TakinTalks Stability Community

Taosi Data TDengine

TiDB:Converged database products targeting HTAP (Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing)

Tencent Cloud Middleware

Ubuntu Kylin

vivo Internet technology:Share vivo Internet technology dry goods and salon activities, recommend the latest industry trends and popular conferences

VMware China R&D Center

Wasm Edge:WebAssembly runtime, hosted by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), is an execution sandbox optimized for edge computing applications

Wechat Open Source

NetEase Shufan:Focus on digital basic software technology dissemination

Shoot the clouds again:Accelerate your online business

Cloud Wisdom AIOps Community:Adhering to the mission of Make Digital Online, we are committed to continuously empowering the digital transformation of enterprises and improving the efficiency of IT operations through advanced product technologies

spruce network:DeepFlow Cloud and Cloud-Native Observability Platform

Zadig Cloud Native Delivery


Bytedance Cloud Native Computing: Build a new generation of massive data computing platform

China Mobile IoT OneOS

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