In November 2022, after deliberation and approval by the technical committee of the openKylin community, the Phytium kernel patch special interest group—PhytiumKernelPatch SIGformally established.

PhytiumKernelPatch SIG is jointly established by the openKylin communityFeiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd.Initiated and established in the openKylin community, responsible for providing kernel patches that support Phytium features for servers and desktop platforms equipped with Phytium series processors, including but not limited to dual-way feature support patches, Kdump function repair patches, interrupt accumulation repair patches, and SMMU feature support Patches and system driver adaptation patches, etc.


SIG target


SIG Responsibilities

1. Linux kernel adaptation for Phytium high-performance server chips

Submit and maintain the Linux kernel function adaptation and repair patches for Feiteng high-performance server chips, and provide efficient and reliable operating environment and complete and sound functions for servers equipped with Feiteng Cloud S2500, FT-2000+/64 and other processors support.

2. Linux kernel adaptation for Phytium high-performance desktop chips

Submit and maintain the Linux kernel function adaptation and repair patches for Phytium high-performance desktop chips, and provide system-driven function adaptation and performance optimization for desktops equipped with Phytium D2000, FT-2000/4 and other processors.


Welcome to SIG

PhytiumKernelPatch SIG is responsible for the functional adaptation and performance optimization of the operating system kernel for Phytium servers and desktop platforms in the openKylin community, providing support for expanding openKylin’s operating system kernel ecology. Welcome to join us!

The openKylin (Open Kylin) community aims to take “co-creation” as the core, on the basis of open source, voluntariness, equality, and collaboration, to build a partner ecosystem with enterprises in an open source and open way, and to jointly create a top-level desktop operating system community. Promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecology.

The first batch of council member units in the community include Kylin Software, Puhua Basic Software, Zhongke Fangde, Kylin Principal, Meditation Software, Yiming Software, ZTE New Fulcrum, Yuanxin Technology, China Electronics 32, Jide System, Beijing Lin Zhuo, Advanced Operating System Innovation Center and other 13 industry colleagues and industry organizations.

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