Introduction to key features

  1. This is the second stable version (Beta) of the Kangaroo 2023 series, suitable for all database tool needs.
  2. This version improves stability and fixes the crash caused by closing the query result page;
  3. Added query parsing and performance analysis support, MySQL/MariaDB also supports formats;
  4. Improve the operation experience of the table designer, that is, realize the copy, cut, and paste functions.

List of new features or bugs fixed

  • Add support for dynamically generating QR codes
  • Add debian package support
  • Implement table designer clone menu
  • Implement table designer copy/paste menu
  • Added table designer clipping menu
  • Add SQL EXPLAIN Statement support (with formatting)
  • Add SQL ANALYZE statement support
  • Refactored SQL formatting and compaction functions
  • Improved support for editor back redo function
  • Update the Linux platform installation package script
  • Updated Chinese language support (zh-CN/zh-TW/zh-SG/zh-HK)
  • Fix: Crash issue when closing the query result page
  • Fixed: SSH prompt label text

download and install

Kangaroo Database Management Tool 2.1

WeChat public account

In order to push large-scale articles and videos about kangaroos in real time, we have opened a WeChat public account: Kangaroo Database Tool (DataTableOnline), interested students can pay attention.

Kangaroo WeChat public account

New version feature snapshot

SQL parsing and performance analysis

SQL Formatting and Compression

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