dongle is aLightweight, semantic, developer-friendly Golang encoding, decoding, encryption and decryption library

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update log

  • Add support for tea encryption and decryption
  • Add support for bcrypt signature and verification
  • Add cipherMode, cipherPadding and pkcsVersion type aliases
  • Fix known bugs
  • Increase unit test coverage to 100%

function list

  • Hex encoding, decoding
  • Base16 encoding, decoding
  • Base32 encoding, decoding
  • Base58 encoding, decoding
  • Base62 encoding, decoding
  • Base64 encoding, decoding
  • Base64URL encoding, decoding
  • SafeURL encoding, decoding
  • Base85 encoding, decoding
  • Base91 encoding, decoding
  • Base92 encoding, decoding
  • Base100 encoding, decoding
  • Md4 encryption
  • Hmac-md4 encryption
  • Md5 encryption
  • Hmac-md5 encryption
  • Sha1 encryption
  • Hmac-sha1 encryption
  • Sha224 encryption
  • Hmac-sha224 encryption
  • Sha256 encryption
  • Hmac-sha256 encryption
  • Sha384 encryption
  • Hmac-sha384 encryption
  • Sha512 encryption
  • Hmac-sha512 encryption
  • Rc2 encryption
  • Rc4 encryption
  • Rc5 encryption
  • Rc6 encryption
  • Sm2 encryption, decryption
  • Sm3 encryption, decryption
  • Sm4 encryption, decryption
  • Sm7 encryption, decryption
  • Sm9 encryption, decryption
  • DSA encryption, decryption
  • Tea encryption, decryption
  • Xtea encryption, decryption
  • RSA-PKCS1Pem/PKCS8Pem encryption and decryption
  • AES-ECB/CBC/CTR/CFB/OFB-NoPadding/ZeroPadding/PKCS5Padding/PKCS7Padding encryption and decryption
  • DES-ECB/CBC/CTR/CFB/OFB-NoPadding/ZeroPadding/PKCS5Padding/PKCS7Padding encryption and decryption
  • 3DES-ECB/CBC/CTR/CFB/OFB-NoPadding/ZeroPadding/PKCS5Padding/PKCS7Padding encryption and decryption
  • Bcrypt signature, signature verification
  • Rsa signature, verification
  • Dsa signature, signature verification

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