CudaText is a cross-platform text editor written in Object Pascal. It’s an open source project, it’s fairly fast to start, it’s extensible with Python plugins, and it brings a feature-rich parser with the help of the EControl engine.

CudaText 1.178.0 is officially released, the updates are as follows:


  • Allow Differ plugin to populate ui-tab context menu “on demand” instead of “open file”, which is much slower
  • Open large number of files via command line (and Windows Shell extension) without activating each file on load
  • Dialog “Themes” improved user interface
  • Option “find_suggest_in_selection” also detects columnar selection
  • lexer PHP: support for containing JSON chunks


  • Sometimes programs don’t apply dark_syntax_theme on startup
  • Sometimes, “Extract RegEx matches” does not redraw the generated editor
  • Regression: Files always open “activated” even when required “in background ui-tab”
  • lexer JSON^ in [[“aa”,”aa”],{“aa”:”bb”}]error

More details can be viewed at:

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