Just now, Tencent Cloud Open Source Project Crane (Cloud Resource Analytics and Economics)officially becomeFinOpsCertified Solutions (FinOps Certified Solutions).As the world’s first open sourceFinOpscertified solutions,CraneIt can help cloud-native users give full play to the maximum value of resources on the cloud, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

It is understood that in order to promote cloud-native users to achieve real extreme cost reduction on the basis of ensuring business stability, Tencent Cloud took the lead in launching the first cost-optimized open source project based on cloud-native technology in China Crane.Crane follow FinOps The standard aims to provide cloud-native users with a one-stop solution for cloud cost optimization. It is also the world’s first purely open source and free solution for cost reduction and efficiency increase in the cloud-native field.

exist Crane Before,FinOps The community mainly pays attention to the visualization of cloud costs, focusing on the discovery of problems, and then realizes cost reduction through operational means such as model selection and billing type optimization.and Crane Relying on cloud-native technology, combined with many hard-core technologies such as monitoring and forecasting, scheduling enhancement, and business mixing, the optimization measures are applied to many key links of cloud cost optimization, thereby assisting users in decision-making, simplifying operation and maintenance efficiency, and improving system stability. State, comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency increase.

It is worth mentioning that this year9moon15Day, China Electronic Technology Energy Conservation Association2022yearCloud Computing Center Technology AwardOfficially promulgated, Tencent CloudCraneawardedCloud Computing Center Science and Technology Award Excellence Awardbecoming the first cloud-native solution in China to win this national award.

Currently,CraneAnd it has been deployed in the production system by companies such as Tencent, Xiaohongshu, Netease, Speedy, Kujiale, Mingyuan Cloud, Shushu Technology, etc. The main contributors are from Tencent, Xiaohongshu, Google,eBayMicrosoft, Tesla and other well-known companies.

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