Melijn is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot started in 2017. It started out as a Java moderation and music bot made by developers for public Discord servers. In 2019, the project was completely rewritten from Java to Kotlin for better multithreading support.

Melijn has been open source from the start and intends to remain so. After inviting bots, please confirm that Melijn has the permissions you need. It is recommended to set a dedicated role for bots so that you can manage each bot individually.


  • View channels, read texts and send messages
  • information history
  • management role
  • manage channel
  • View audit logs
  • ban members
  • kick out members
  • management message
  • Additional Documents
  • embed link
  • Use external emoji
  • mobile member

How to self-host with docker

  1. copy example-docker-compose.ymlto docker-compose.yml
  2. copy example-postgres.envto postgres.env
  3. copy example.envto .env
  4. Uncomment a volume in the melijn-postgres service for persistent storage
  5. Make sure all passwords, usernames and database names match your .envFiles and postgres and redis services match
  6. Fill in all the fields you can .envbot token, id, name, etc…
  7. use sudo docker-compose up -dStart docker compose (make sure you are in the same folder as docker-compose.yml)

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