EvoBot is a Discord music bot built with TypeScript and discord.js, and uses discordjs.guide’s command handler.


  1. Discord Bot Token
  2. Node.js 16.11.0 or newer

getting Started

git clone https://github.com/eritislami/evobot.git
cd evobot
npm install

After the installation is complete, follow the configuration instructions to run npm run startStart the robot.


copy or rename config.json.exampleto config.jsonand fill in the values:

Note: Never submit or share your token or API key publicly

  "TOKEN": "",
  "PREFIX": "!",
  "PRUNING": false,
  "LOCALE": "en",
  "STAY_TIME": 30

Docker configuration

For those who prefer to use our Docker containerusers who can provide from config.jsonvalue as an environment variable.

docker run -e "TOKEN=<discord-token>" eritislami/evobot

Functions and commands

Note: The default prefix is ​​”!”

  • play music from youtube by url

!play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLvohMXgcBo

  • Play music from YouTube by search query

!play under the bridge red hot chili peppers

  • Play music from Soundcloud by url

!play https://soundcloud.com/blackhorsebrigade/pearl-jam-alive

  • Search and select music to play

!search Pearl Jam

  • play youtube playlist by url

!playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlUKcNNmywk&list=PL5RNCwK3GIO13SR_o57bGJCEmqFAwq82c

  • play youtube playlist by search query

!playlist linkin park meteora

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