After more than three years of hard work, Hanami 2.0 is officially released. With the release of this version, Hanami has entered a new stage of framework maturity and opened a new chapter for the Ruby community.


At the heart of Hanami 2.0 is the present app/ Directories, where you can organize your code however you want, while enjoying sensible defaults for common components. As your application grows, you can take advantage of slicing and divide your code into domains.

Hanami 2.0 provides a simple yet powerful framework:

  • New application core provides advanced code loading capabilities centered around containers and components
  • Code autoloading helps you work with minimal effort
  • New built-in slices provide modularity over time as your application grows.
  • An always-on dependency mixer helps you create clearer connections between your app’s components
  • The redesigned action class seamlessly integrates with your application’s business logic
  • Type-safe application setup with dotenv integration ensures your application has what it needs in every environment.
  • New provider manages the lifecycle of your application’s key components and integrations
  • Top-down modularity enables you to build various types of applications, including non-web applications
  • A rewritten getting started guide helps you get started with all of the above


Hanami 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the HTTP routing engine, and benchmarks show it outperforms almost every other engine.

When using Hanami in development, your app will start and reload instantly thanks to our smart code loading. No matter how big your app is, your console will load in milliseconds and your tests will stay fast.

More details can be found at:

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