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The mission is to empower and connect the world with our plugins

With 9+ years in WordPress development and digital marketing, we’ve mastered the skills of understanding user requirements and implementing them in our products.

Legacy of Building Awesome Products
With 9+ years in WordPress development and digital marketing, they have mastered the skills of understanding user requirements and implementing them in their products.

They started with their Quiz Maker and currently, we have 17+ plugins, which are constantly being developed and kept up to date.

They always suggest a Free version, so that you try and test if it suits you or not, and Premium versions for more advanced features.

Answer customers all questions quickly and provide support.

Keep our products up-to- date with current trends.

Help individuals and businesses grow their WordPress websites by using their plugins.

Make programming accessible for everyone.

Popular Plugins:

WordPress Quiz Maker
Make an unlimited number of quizzes and exams. Each QUIZ can include unlimited questions.

WordPress Poll Maker
$59 $49
Build awesome polls and conduct interactive elections super easily and quickly.

WordPress Survey Maker
$59 $49
Create unlimited surveys with unlimited sections and questions. Collect data from a particular group of people and analyze it.

WordPress Popup Plugin
$59 $49
Create informative, engaging, or promotional popups. Increase your website user engagement and generate more leads.

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