Recently, Shanghai Dingyi Information Technology Co., Ltd.Sign Alibaba Open SourceCLA (Contribution License Agreement, Contribution License Agreement),Officially with Alibaba CloudPolarDB The open source database community holds hands.

past 5 In 2018, Alibaba Cloud targeted PolarDB Many innovations have been carried out. By adopting the separation of storage and computing, and the integrated design of software and hardware,PolarDB The implementation cost is only one tenth of that of traditional commercial databases.Computing, memory and storage resources implementedthree floorsdecouplingArchitecture, multiple masters and multiple writes, based onIMCI(memory column storage index) HTAP,Serverless And other functions are the world’s first or industry-leading technology.from PolarDB Since its release, it has achieved rapid development in both technology and commercialization, and has now become the most shining product in the Alibaba Cloud database product family.

2021Alibaba Cloud officially open-sourcedPolarDB(source repository:,WillPolarDB for PostgreSQLand PolarDB-X The whole kernel is open-sourced to promote technological changes in the industry.2022Hangzhou Yunqi Conference,PolarDB The series of database open source versions are fully upgraded,PolarDB for PostgreSQL This upgrade release mainly focuses on enterprise-level features such as data transparent encryption and incremental backup, and distributed features such as data fragmentation management and performance linear expansion.At the same time, the integrated distributed databasePolarDB-X Release milestones for major releases v2.2mainly the domestically-made ARM Chip adaptation, cost-effective optimization and cloud native HTAP And other feature upgrades.

Dingyi informationRelying on years of accumulation in the field of medical operations, and based on continuous insight into user needs and product upgrades, it fully assists hospitals with refined management and high-quality operations.under the flagHRPThe product is lightweight and easy to use, providing more effective operation and management tools for managers and users at all levels of the hospital. Through the deep integration of hospital industry and finance, it can reduce hospital operating costs, control internal risks, and eliminate management blind spots. Adhering to the concept of “making management more efficient”, we continue to provide professional products and consulting services to many domestic medical institutions such as Beiren Medical, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Sixth Hospital, Shanghai Longhua Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, and Zhongda Tumor.

asPolarDBThe ecological enterprise of open source database, the next DingyiHRPWillPolarDBIn-depth integration, jointly provide hospital customers with better products and services, and help hospitals refine management and high-quality operations.


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