Generate API documents and Api interface development tools based on PHP annotations

🤷‍♀️What is Apidoc?

Apidoc is a PHP composer extension that generates Api interface documents by parsing annotations; comprehensive annotation references, data table field references, simple annotations can generate Api documents, and Apidoc is not only used for interface documents, online interface debugging, Mock debugging data, debugging Event processing, Json/TypeScript generation, batch testing, interface sharing, code generator, Api market and many other practical functions are dedicated to improving the efficiency of Api interface development.


  • Out-of-the-box: no complicated configuration, API documentation can be automatically generated by writing comments according to the documentation after installation.
  • Easy to write: support general comment reference, business logic layer, data table field reference, a few comments can be completed.
  • Online debugging: online documents can be directly debugged, and support global request/Mock parameters/event processing, interface debugging saves time and effort.
  • Safe and efficient: support access password verification, application/version independent password; support document caching.
  • Multi-application/multi-version: Api management that can adapt to various single-application, multi-application, and multi-version projects.
  • Grouping/Tag: Multi-level grouping of controllers/interfaces or defining Tags.
  • Markdown document: Support document display of .md files.
  • Json/TypeScript generation: Documents automatically generate Json and TypeScript interfaces.
  • Code generator: configuration + template can quickly generate code and create data tables, greatly improving work efficiency.

📌 Compatible

The following frameworks are built-in compatible and ready to use out of the box. Other frames can be manually compatible by referring to the installation instructions of other frames.

ThinkPHP5.1, 6.x
Laravel8.x, 9.xOther versions not tested
Hyperf2.xOther versions not tested
Webman2.xCompatible with manual configuration

📖 Usage documentation

ApiDoc Documentation

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