Bevy is a data-driven game engine built in Rust. Bevy will always be free and open source. Developers can check out Bevy Assets, a collection of community-developed plugins, games, and learning resources.

After a total of 430 PRs from 159 contributors, Bevy version 0.9 was officially released after 3 months. This release adds a ton of new features, bug fixes and tweaks, here are some of the highlights:

  • HDR post processing, tone mapping: Bevy has a new HDR post processing and tone mapping pipeline that can be used to achieve “bloom” post processing effects.
  • FXAA: Added Fast Approximate Antialiasing, which gives users a new Screen Space Antialiasing option
  • Deband Dithering: Use this new post-processing effect to hide errors in gradient accuracy
  • Other post-processing improvements: view target double buffering and automatic render target format handling
  • New Scene Format: Bevy’s new scene format is smaller, easier to manually compose, and easier to read. Available in “human readable” and “binary” forms.
  • Code-driven scene building: dynamically build scenes from existing applications using queries and specific entity references
  • Improved Entity/Component API: Generating entities with components is now simpler and more intuitive than before
  • Reworked Exclusive systems: Exclusive systems (systems with unique access to ECS World) are now just “normal” systems, and their usability has been significantly improved.
  • Bevy Reflect can now reflect enum types
  • Time Shader: Time can now be passed to shaders as a global, making it easy to time-driven animations in custom shaders
  • Plugin Settings: Plugins can now have settings that can be overridden in plugin groups, simplifying plugin configuration.
  • Bevy UI Z-Indices: Use local and global Z-Indices to control how UI elements stack on top of each other

More details can be found at:

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