Microservice governance is a key part of making microservices stable. However, microservice governance in the industry has problems such as inconsistent concepts, inconsistent configuration forms, inconsistent capabilities, and complex unified management and control of multiple frameworks. For example, if we want to configure traffic grayscale rules, it may be configured through YAML in Spring Cloud Alibaba, another configuration format in Dubbo, and Istio CRD in the Istio system.The inconsistency in the governance configuration of different frameworks makes the unified governance and control of microservices quite complex. In addition, the service governance capabilities supported by various frameworks in the industry are not uniform, and are usually relatively basic, and often cannot cover production-level scenarios.

Based on the above background, OpenSergo came into being.OpenSergo It is an open and general microservice governance project covering microservices and upstream and downstream related components. OpenSergo starts from a microservices perspective and coversTraffic Governance, Service Fault Tolerance, Service Meta Information Governance, Security GovernanceIt provides a series of governance capabilities and standards, ecological adaptation and best practices, and supports multi-language ecosystems such as Java, Go, and Rust. The OpenSergo project is jointly initiated by Alibaba, bilibili, China Mobile, SphereEx and other companies, as well as Kratos, CloudWeGo, ShardingSphere, Database Mesh, Sentinel, Spring Cloud Alibaba, Apache Dubbo and other communities to jointly lead the construction of governance standards and the evolution of capabilities.

The biggest feature of OpenSergo is thatDefine service governance rules with a unified set of configuration/DSL/protocol, face multi-language heterogeneous architecture, cover microservice framework and upstream and downstream associated components. Whether the language of the microservice is Java, Go, Rust, Node.js or other languages, whether it is a standard microservice or Mesh access, from gateway to microservice framework, to database/cache access, message delivery/ For consumption, developers can conduct unified governance and control through the same set of OpenSergo CRD standard configuration, without paying attention to the differences between frameworks and languages, reducing the complexity of heterogeneous and full-link microservice governance and control.

OpenSergo provides Java,Go and other multi-language SDKs, each framework ecosystem can easily connect to the OpenSergo microservice governance standard through the OpenSergo SDK, and access the OpenSergo ecosystem through the OpenSergo SDK. OpenSergo Control Plane Unified management of service governance rules.

Sentinel 2.0 It will be implemented as a standard for OpenSergo traffic governance capabilities (traffic routing, coloring, flow control degradation, service fault tolerance and self-healing), and natively supports OpenSergo traffic governance standards. All open source components can access OpenSergo traffic governance capabilities and standards by connecting to Sentinel.

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