Visual Studio 2022 17.4 is now generally available, the first GA release to support Arm64. In addition, this release includes other features including support for .NET 7, the introduction of a version rollback feature, and more…

Key Highlights

Performance enhancement

Responsive file saving

Visual Studio is no longer unresponsive during save operations. This enhancement is most noticeable when dealing with slow hard drives, network shares, or editing very large files.

C++ index

Continue to improve the performance of the IDE. This release improves indexing performance when opening new solutions, large projects may be 20-35% faster than 17.3.

Find and replace in files

File replacement for the entire solution is now 3-4 times faster, and batch replacement in large solutions is significantly faster. The modified file will no longer be open, but changes can still be undone and redone.

Efficient parallelization of test runs

Test assemblies achieve optimal parallelization across target frameworks and architectures, enabling tests to run three times faster on large solutions with more than 150 projects.

Optimized communication between VS and test runner processes

Test runner process connections are now established faster, meaning an average saving of about 1 second per test component included in the test run.

For a list of bugs fixed in this release and more information, see the update bulletin.

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