.NET MAUI 6 About half a year after its official release, Microsoft announced today during the .NET Conf 2022 conference that .NET MAUI 7 has been officially GA—launched alongside .NET 7 and available in Visual Studio 17.4.In the future, .NET MAUI will continue to maintain the same release cadence as .NET, that is, .NET MAUI 7.0 will be released with .NET 7.0, and .NET MAUI 8.0 will be released with .NET 8.0.

.NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI) is a cross-platform UI framework (formerly Xamarin.Forms) for creating native mobile and desktop apps via C# and XAML. Based on .NET MAUI, developers can create native apps that support Android, iOS, macOS and Windows simultaneously in a single shared code base.

According to reports, in this short development cycle, the main work of the team is to solve the problems of community feedback, improveCollectionViewperformance, and enhanced desktop functionality. Also optimized the stability of the toolkit itself, including bug fixes to the infrastructure of UI controls and layouts.

Update highlights

This release introduces the .NET MAUI Map control updated from Xamarin.Forms. Like other UI controls, this is a cross-platform abstraction of the native Map control provided by each platform. The Map control supports markers, custom markers, drawing polygons, polylines and circles, adding geocoding and geolocation, and launching a native Map application on a running device.

  • Optimize mobile rendering performance

The development team said that after just 6 months of development, .NET MAUI 7 is much faster than version 6. This version optimizes the rendering path of the base view and solves the impact ofCollectionViewMultiple issues with scrolling smoothness for list controls.

The .NET MAUI team says they have been working closely with companies building desktop applications using .NET MAUI and have been able to introduce some desktop-oriented enhancements based on their actual usage, such as:

  • window size and position
  • context menu
  • tooltip
  • pointer hover gesture
  • right click

See the Release Note and Release Bulletin for details.

The following video demonstrates the process of creating a new project with .NET MAUI 7 in VS 17.4:

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