According to the SerenityOS blog: It has been four years since the SerenityOS repository ushered in its first commit on October 10, 2018.

SerenityOS is a Unix-like operating system, but with a graphical interface for x86 computers. SerenityOS combines a Unix-like kernel with the look and feel of 1990s productivity software, with an interface similar to 90s Win98/NT.The author of SerenityOS is from Swedenprogrammer Andreas Kling,After completing a 3-month drug addiction rehabilitation program in 2018,Andreas FindI have a lot of time and there is nothing to do“, and then spent nearly three years creating a full-time SerenityOS.

The SerenityOS project originally just wanted to be an operating system kernel, but with the growth of the community and the increase of contributors, jakt, a memory-safe programming language belonging to SerenityOS, and a cross-platform web browser Ladybird have now been born.

The SerenityOS project was originally developed in C++, but as the system itself grew and became popular, memory safety became a big issue. The community initially tried Rust and other prototyping languages ​​in multiple languages, but found that none of them were suitable for the project, and had to create their own jakt programming language. The original Jakt prototype was written in Rust, and now jakt is bootstrapped: the Jakt compiler itself is also written in Jakt.

At present, SerenityOS can meet basic office needs (although the kernel is not very stable), and it has also ported some classic PC games. The game runs on LibGL (the SerenityOS community’s implementation of the OpenGL API). The rendering of the game is done by LibSoftGPU, which is also a software rasterizer using SIMD developed by the SerenityOS community.

Today SerenityOS has 750+ contributors and the community continues to grow. The authors say the latest goal is to build all components and tools inside SerenityOS,Does not depend on any third-party library,I would like to call it the king of wheels.

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