The KDE community has released the Plasma 5.26 desktop environment.

This version further improves the desktop widgets, clock and calendar in the panel, notifier, KDE ​​Connect​​nect monitor, volume control… Now these are all widgets that can be added, moved anywhere on the desktop , delete, and resize at any time, and even rotate, float widgets placed on the desktop.

This version also has a newtimerA widget that can be placed on the desktop for a countdown.In addition to the reminder function, the Timer can also be used when the countdown is over.Run a command or action.such as setting

killall -s HUP firefox

When the timer countdown ends, it will automatically close the Firefox browser that is fishing…

Additionally, one of the most noticeable improvements in Plasma 5.26 is the introduction of the Aura browser for large screens, a new Aura browser for TVs and other large monitors that can be controlled with a compatible remote. It looks like this:

Among other things, KDE Plasma’s software tool Discover can set the frequency of new update notifications, display the app’s content rating, and has a new “Share” button to easily share KDE Plasma’s software.

Finally, KDE Plasma 5.26 has optimized Wayland support, and Plasma Wayland sessions now handle graphics tablet configurations, middle-click paste preferences, and nicely scaled applications running on XWayland.

Additional content can be viewed in KDE’s official update announcement.

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