LinkWeChat is based on the open capabilities of Enterprise WeChat, which not only integrates the powerful background management and basic customer management functions of Enterprise WeChat, but also provides multiple channels and methods to connect WeChat customers. And through flexible and efficient customer operation modules such as customer relationship maintenance, chat enhancement, etc., to establish a strong link between customers and enterprises, so as to further through diversified marketing tools,

Help enterprises improve customer operation efficiency, strengthen marketing capabilities, and expand profit space


LinkWeChat V3.0 is mainly upgraded around modules such as system architecture, attracting customers, and maintaining customer sentiment.

The main upgrades are as follows:

  • Architecture adjustment, upgrade microservice architecture;
  • New store live code: Based on the customer’s real-time location, guide customers to quickly add store shopping guides or exclusive groups;
  • The customer group live code has been redesigned to support automatic group formation when the group is full;
  • Added customer group portraits to support quick viewing and follow-up of customer group details in the sidebar;
  • Added role and menu management to quickly set enterprise employee data and menu permissions;
  • Added official account configuration for quick binding of official account;
  • New scan code login, enterprise employees can quickly join;
  • Add new enterprise dynamics to gain a global insight into the progress of various dimensions of the enterprise;
  • Optimize system homepage related modules and data statistics logic;
  • Optimize the logic related to organizational management;
  • Optimize the decryption logic related to session archive, and optimize the UI page;
  • Optimize the statistics logic of the new customer group related data;
  • Optimize the global menu structure and make the business process clearer;
  • Fixed some known issues;
  • The UI details of the remaining modules are tuned.

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