GoView low-code “data visualization” development platform

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  • Member of the dromara open source organization, author of dromara/go-view

  • Front-end senior development engineer, has open sourced many data visualization related projects, and has rich practical experience

  • Lecturer of “Blue Bridge Cloud Course” data big screen related courses

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About GoView

GoView is an efficient low-code “data visualization” development platform. It also encapsulates charts or page elements as basic components, and can create a large data screen without writing code, reducing mental burden. The platform is built using Vue3, Vite2, TypeScript, Pinia, ECharts and other frameworks, providing rich configuration items and professional data source management for components, helping users better stay close to business flows.


  1. Unified project management

    GoView provides a basic platform management page, encapsulates display components, and supports user preview and shortcut operations (shortcut entries such as preview, delete, etc.)

  2. low code workbench

    3. Global functions

Code Highlights

  1. Framework: Written based on the Vue3 + Pinia2 framework, using hooks to extract logic, making the code structure clearer and tougher;

  2. Type: Use TypeScript for type constraints, reduce the probability of unknown errors, and boldly modify the logic content;

  3. Performance: Multiple performance optimizations, using page lazy loading, component dynamic registration, data scrolling loading, etc., to improve page rendering speed;

  4. Storage: with local memory, some configuration items use storage to store locally to improve user experience;

  5. Encapsulation: The project has detailed tool class encapsulation such as: routing, storage, encryption/decryption, file processing, theme modules, NaiveUI global methods, components, etc.


  1. Click to go – project source code

  2. Click to go-Official website documentation

  3. Click to go – pure front-end online

  4. Click to go – front-end and back-end collaborative experience


A person’s ability is always limited, and everyone is very welcome to communicate and grow together! ! !

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