smart-servlet is a web container that implements the Servlet 3.1 specification and supports isolated deployment of multiple applications. At the same time, smart-servlet is also a plug-in container. Based on the built-in sandbox environment, smart-servlet has the most streamlined running capabilities. Users can also extend the service capabilities of the container through custom plug-ins.

2. Quick Start

  1. download smart-servlet-bin-0.1.6.tar.gz and unzip it.
  2. Deploy your war package tosmart-servlet-bin-0.1.6/webapps. (Available for pro-testing with JPress projects)
  3. implementsmart-servlet-bin-0.1.6/bin/start.shStart the smart-servlet service.

3. Update content 🎉

Before the festival, we successfully verified the single-machine million-long connection of smart-socket while only consuming 3G of memory. In order to apply this breakthrough technology to the servlet container as soon as possible, we specially upgraded the communication components of smart-servlet during this National Day holiday.

Today, this hair pack is only 0.5 MB of domestic servlet container: smart-servlet v0.1.6 is officially released🎉🎉🎉

3.1 Features 🌈

  1. Extend the plug-in function and add the registration monitoring of the servlet container.
  2. Isolate cached resources among servlet container applications.
  3. Optimize the exit policy of the servlet container.
  4. Use multithreading to improve the scanning performance of HandlesTypes.
  5. The smart-servlet maven run plugin adds startup time-consuming output.
  6. Maven plugin maven-plugin-plugin upgraded to 3.6.4
  7. Maven plugin maven-compiler-plugin upgraded to 3.10.1
  8. smart-http upgraded to 1.1.16

at last

The development time of smart-servlet has been over 2 years, and the preparatory work in the early stage also took about 6 years. Open source is not easy, and it is even more difficult to create a servlet container of pure domestic origin. If you think this project is not bad, please add a Star to us.

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