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Learn how to make an awesome WordPress website using the Elementor page builder plugin with this step-by-step tutorial!


00:00- Intro
00:48- Step 1: Get a Custom Domain & Hosting Plan

06:12- Step 2: Access the WordPress Dashboard
07:52- Step 3: Download Starter Templates
13:31- Step 4: Install Plugins

14:59- Step 5: Customize Your Website
16:23- Elementor Editor Basics
17:37- Changing the Section Background Image
19:53- Editing Widgets
25:39- Adding an Icon List Widget
29:17- Adding Video Background
30:37- Editing the About Section
32:51- Adding Custom Services Section
39:23- Calendly Setup
42:27- Adding Calendly Widget to Homepage
44:24- Contact Section
44:59- Editing the Map Widget
46:24- Contact Hours & Social Icons
48:03- Adding Video tutorial Feed to Website
51:24- Adding Motion Effects
54:56- Editing Website Global Colors
57:48- Editing other pages

58:36- Step 6: Edit your Header, Footer, Logos, & Preloader
58:48- Edit your Navigation Menu
01:00:46- Edit the Button in your Menu
01:01:26- Linking Nav Menu to Homepage Sections
01:04:49- Make a FREE Logo
01:07:17- Add Logo to Transparent Header
01:07:51- Add Site Icon (Favicon)
01:08:40- Edit your Footer
01:11:14- Add a Preloader

01:12:52- Step 7: Mobile Responsiveness
01:16:09- Final Site Review


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29 thoughts on “How to Make a WordPress Website with Elementor | (Best Elementor Tutorial 2022)”

  1. Amazing tutorial! While I was working on my header & menu, the header completely disappeared from my site and I can't figure out where it went. Any ideas?

  2. Just letting you know I just started building website few second ago.. and yes using your hostinger link =D wish me luck.

  3. That was such a great tutorial to start thank you soooo much ! I started with wix before I heard that WordPress was so much better. It demands mooore work but that's so worth it

  4. Do you have a tutorial on how to remove buttons that were pre-set on the theme I chose? For example book now button. I would like to remove it and I cannot figure out how to delete it.

  5. Very nicely done. Two small points if you can kindly guide me. You created the sections on the home page instead of separate pages and reflected them separately in the primary menu. Any suggestion on why to go like this and not have separate pages with a lot of room for content improvement. Secondly, why do we always have to go for logo making and why not have a picture, drawing, or figure simply uploaded as a logo? Thanks if you can find time to reply.

  6. Great tutorial. I learned so much by watching it. Two things I especially enjoyed learning about were the Preloader and IG plugin. I've watched tons of videos and no other Instructor discussed those plugins while teaching you about Elementor and Starter Template. Great job!

  7. Wow really good! I’m trying to follow along where can I get the images you used ? I’m working on creating my own computer repair an IT solutions website. Definitely seems elementor is the way to go. Where am having? My issue is picking a theme or template pack looking for suggestions also where to get inspiration from on creation. I was looking at some of the pre-built computer repair templates, but they’re very limited.

  8. really useful , however why dont you select wordpress hosting not just hosting if you are using wordpress?

  9. I have been using the WordPress block editor. I keep reading that elementor is slow and adds bloat. Please set me straight. I'm creating an archival/podcast site. Tons of content.

  10. Wait…If I want to create an ecommerce site, I don't need to buy a theme?! I just need elementor plugin? So the only things I need to pay for are hosting and domain name… is that true?

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