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00:00 – Intro
00:35 – STEP 1: Domain Name/Web Hosting/Wordpress Install
06:43 – STEP 2: Install Starter Templates
12:53 – STEP 3: Elementor Tutorial
28:20 – STEP 4: Customize your site
32:38 – Changing Site Global Colors
48:54 – STEP 5: Header/Footer/Logo
01:01:20 – STEP 6: Mobile Responsiveness

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46 thoughts on “How to Make a WordPress Website With Elementor (For Beginners 2023)”

  1. Good stuff, thanks!
    Just a tip, though – please change the colour and/or size of your mouse when tutoring. When you say "look here', it's hard to keep track of where your mouse is, because it's so small – and you move to the next thing before I realise where you are pointing

  2. i wanna edit my default pages like shop page using pro version of elementor and my friend suggested on me to buy from wordpressIT , is this option good for me ?

  3. Uber helpful. I followed the instructions regarding the logo, however the logo width does not change. It is still very small. #2. I am also using the nature template, my header section is not included in the picture, it looks like a separate section. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. Please help

  4. If you follow this tutorial you'll be stuck with a header that isn't sticky and you need to code or buy Astra Theme to fix it.

  5. Thank you for this tutorial video. 1 question though.

    Let’s say we use the Astra templates and make changes to all the text, images, video to whatever niche we are in.

    Are we able to export the kits as a template and use it to sell as a template kit?

    Would love to hear your opinion on this 😊

  6. Hi . Thank you for your work, tutorials. I Have A Question. Do you know a CMS that works without a database? Such a flat CMS. Easy and fast to use. To create fast, lightweight static pages, business cards, landing pages and mini blogs.
    Something as intuitive as a text editor. Good day.

  7. Thank you so much ! It helped me getting started with elementor. I was on wix before but I've always heard WordPress was always better about everything on the long term so I wanted a beaautiful website and Elementor is great !

  8. I am using Ashe Theme, and i am trying to create a static homepage using elementor (trying to find a template just for the homepage). can i use starter templates only for homepage without affecting my current blog theme? TQ

  9. Hi. You've made things super clear. I have one question though. For Seo opitimization, how do i ensure that i use persistent opject cache as recommended my yoast plug in?

  10. Hey brother, could you PLEASE do a video on how to build a 1 page fully mobile responsive website using Astra starter template and elementor editor with contact form added ? ✝️

  11. Windows version is different and doesn't have the same layouts which is making this confusing. It doesn't say edit with elementor on that ribbon

  12. Thanks for this nice video
    I have a question: how can I make a kind of slide menu under the main menu (not a submenu), imagine a shop website for smartphones instead of on the main menu and making a shop page do I make a menu under the main menu with a number of title page e.g. smartphones, chargers, covers

    when someone clicks on one of the mentioned title pages, the contents of the page are opened on the same home page

  13. Great content, Thank You!! Question, my U.S. based company is looking to redesign our 9-year-old Magento Community Edition eCommerce Website and migrate to another platform. Can you reccomend two website companies that we should contact? Thank You

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