Today, I will guide you through creating a WordPress website, utilising the Full Site Editor and the plugin Create Block Theme.

It’s important to note that this video is packed with ingenious hacks to help us achieve our goals. While everything functions flawlessly, it’s essential to understand that there are certain limitations when customizing Guttenberg blocks and controlling Responsive Web Design behaviour.

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◾ 0:00 Intro
◾ 0:36 Local WP Setup
◾ 5:52 Creating Custom Theme
◾ 9:15 FSE Overview
◾ 13:41 Theme Styles
◾ 20:27 Explorting Theme
◾ 20:42 New Theme Settings
◾ 27:27 Custom Header
◾ 42:03 Custom Footer
◾ 48:12 Responsive Typography
◾ 55:34 Home Page
◾ 1:30:09 Contact Page
◾ 1:37:18 404 Page
◾ 1:38:25 Single Post
◾ 1:42:11 End

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26 thoughts on “How to Create a Custom WordPress Block Theme 2023 (FSE + CBT)”

  1. In order to achieve the desired functionality from my design, I had to add a few custom styles. It's worth noting that while the FSE & Guttenberg can handle most basic scenarios, there are certain situations where their capabilities may be limited.

  2. Nice tut.
    Anyway, the json file was most important, can you plesae share it? I couldn't find it in the project files you shared. There are only images.

  3. great tutorial, Thank you so much a have learned so much! I have one problem with the image cover. I have one hero cover right at the start as you know it. But every time add another one anywhere on the page, that cover replaces my hero cover and disappears from the second place… It drives me crazy.. can't find a solution.. any ideas?

  4. I don't like this block themes by WordPress… It's time consuming and hectic… I would love to code my own theme from scratch… To create a header it took so much time and effort using block theme…

  5. Custom css is not working for me. Is this the right code for the functions.php file?


    Enqueue Styles

    if(!function_exists('fse_rad')) :

    function fse_rad() {
    wp_enqueue_style('rad-style', get_stylesheet_uri(), array(), wp_get_theme()->get('Version'));


    add_action('wp-enqueue-scripts', 'fse_rad');

    I can't figure out why it's not working. I'm stuck now 😭.

  6. Could you please create a single WordPress theme that utilizes FSE and CBT to design three pages: a captivating one-page scrolling homepage, a dynamic blog page showcasing articles, and an attractive WooCommerce shop page? By the way, great video! Keep up the excellent work!

  7. This is a great tutorial, for the first time I understand how to customize/create a theme using blocks. Thank you!

    Edit – How do you make blog page that displays your posts from new to old?

  8. Hi, GREAT Tut!!!!! I've looking for a long time a wordpress tutorial as well explained as yours. Thanks a lot. One Question, I'm following it but when I've pulse export Zip from Created Block Theme, it shows an error saying: An error occurred while attempting to export the theme, Any idea how i can debug the error to fix it? Thanks again for your tutorials!!

  9. Nobody knows where WP is shifting. Either to Gutenberg Page Builder, or 3rd parties page builders, or Headless technologies.

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