In this WooCommerce tutorial, I will guide you in creating your own webshop using WordPress and WooCommerce. This tutorial is for people who want to extend their WordPress website with a webshop and for those who want to create a webshop from scratch.

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If you’re starting from scratch, I will walk you through obtaining your own domain name and web hosting. From there, we will seamlessly install WordPress and WooCommerce, enabling you to start selling products on your website in no time.

Throughout this tutorial, we will cover six different product types, including:

01. Simple products with a single option.
02. Variable products, allowing visitors to choose from multiple options such as size and color.
03. Virtual products, like coaching calls or services.
04. Digital downloadable products, such as eBooks, images, videos, or any other digital files.
05. Affiliate products, enabling you to direct visitors to external products or services using your affiliate link and earn commissions upon purchase.
06. Grouped products, where you can sell multiple products on a single product page.

We will delve into important aspects such as product titles, pricing, discounts, scheduled discounts, categories, subcategories, tags, featured images, and galleries, ensuring your webshop is well-structured and visually appealing.

Additionally, we will customize your shop page according to your preferences and incorporate sidebar widgets such as a search widget, price filter widget, category widget, featured product widget, and cart widget, enhancing user experience and navigation.

To maximize sales on your WooCommerce website, we will explore the implementation of coupons. These coupons can offer discounts in dollars or percentages, provide free shipping, or be tailored to specific products. Furthermore, we will address limitations, such as setting a minimum spending requirement of $35 for a coupon code to be valid or restricting the number of times a coupon can be used.

Automation will play a key role in streamlining your shipping process. We will configure shipping methods based on cart weight or total price, as well as customize shipping options based on the customer’s location. Additionally, we will employ strategies to incentivize visitors to spend more by offering free shipping upon reaching a certain purchase threshold.

You will gain comprehensive knowledge on applying taxes to your webshop. I will guide you through manual tax setup, including different rates for various countries, states and reduced rates. Furthermore, we will explore the option of allowing WooCommerce to automatically calculate taxes for you.

Adding various payment methods to your WooCommerce website is crucial for facilitating customer transactions. We will cover integrating credit card payments, PayPal, Klarna, and other popular payment providers, ensuring a smooth and secure checkout process.

Order management will be another key focus. You will learn how to efficiently handle incoming orders and customize the content, appearance, and tone of the confirmation emails sent to customers, creating a professional and engaging post-purchase experience.

00:00 Intro
09:03 Get Webhosting And A Free Domain
13:37 Install WordPress

18:30 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
22:20 Create A SEO Site Title
25:05 What Are WordPress Themes?
26:15 Get The Free Blocks Theme

28:19 Create A Logo
29:54 Download The Images I Use In The Tutorial
31:10 Upload Your Logo

35:46 Download WooCommerce
40:08 Create A Simple Product
49:15 Product Price
50:35 Discount
52:22 Inventory
57:44 Shipping
01:07:14 Product Image
01:08:44 Product Categories

01:14:15 Create A Variable Product
01:24:32 Use Variation Swatches
01:36:14 Create A Digital/Virtual Product
01:38:44 Create A Downloadable Product
01:43:59 Create An Affiliate Product
01:48:05 Create A Grouped Product

01:55:25 Upsells And Cross-sells

01:59:11 Configure The Product Catalog Page
02:14:09 Configure The Single Product Page

02:26:28 Create A Menu
02:29:26 Import Products In WooCommerce

02:33:34 Create A Sidebar With Widgets
02:49:31 Create Coupon Codes
03:03:11 WooCommerce Shipping
03:14:53 Taxes
03:29:31 Automate Taxes
03:30:24 Create Legal Pages

03:34:46 Configure Payment Methods On Your Webshop
03:40:30 Configure Paypal As A Payment Method
03:45:02 Configure Confirmation Emails (Layout and Content)
03:55:04 How To Deal With Incoming Orders?

03:58:36 Create A Header For Your WooCommerce Webshop
04:06:14 Create An Advanced Search Bar
04:16:28 Optimise Your Website For All Devices
04:20:48 Make Your Header Sticky
04:21:36 Create A Footer

04:32:09 Create or Import A Homepage Using Elementor
04:41:08 Backup Your Website
04:44:30 Import A Pre Made Webshop
04:53:11 Create Titles, Descriptions, and Categories using ChatGPT
05:07:29 Follow-Up Tutorials
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  1. Ferdy, you are amazing. This is an unbelievable walkthrough and helped me build a really nice ecommerce site for a new project I'm working on. If I ever have another kid, it's JSON 🙂 Thank you sir.

  2. I admire you for putting these videos, some people may think this is a simple task, but I can tell there's a lot of hard work behind these videos. Thanks again.

  3. Bro I'm only 6 minutes into the tutorial and I stopped to just give you a thousand clap 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thanks for your great effort.

  4. Nice tutorial – great job Fredy 🙂 Thank you.
    One thing – you forgot to mention that editing wocommerce php email templates for personalized messages via the theme files may only work well if you create a child theme (else on next woocommerce update this may go back to default values). Other than that all good 🙂 Cheers

  5. how can i change the language of woocommece display ,
    for example the text "in stock" how can I change this text to another in my language

  6. Wow Ferdy, ik ben zo blij dat ik jou kanaal gevonden heb. Ik heb in 3 dagen al zoveel geleerd. Keep on with the good work. Best tutorials on the web and also for free. Thanks.

  7. Thank you, your videos are great. Just a question, Google key perosn during an periodic SEO oriented interview, confirmed that Google penalizes AI generated or automatically generated content and AI content hurts website SEO. Do you still recommend using ChatGPT to write the content for all products and pages etc.?

  8. Ferdy, I'm so sorry but I really don't know what others are praising you for. I have watched some of your tutorials in the past and I was impressed with the quality of instruction and obvious knowledge of the subjects you discussed. I've subscribed to your channel because of it and have recommended it to several developers. Not this video. I was done with this video at 36:45. All along you seemed to be totally unprepared for what you were talking about and were throwing filling useless comments. I'm afraid to keep watching thinking that the reason the video is 5 plus hours is because you may be doing the same thing. I really hope your next video is much better.

  9. Hello Ferdy,
    Thanks for all the tutorials, you are great in explaining things. Currently, I am following this tutorial, and I have bug that I can’t figure out how to fix it. The bug is in all woocommerce products and the rankmath plugin. I have sent you an email containing a screenshot of the problem. I hope you can make a video solving the problem. Thanks

  10. For digital products/downloads, if you're already using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin, do you need still need Woocommerce? If that is the case, what would be the use of Woocommerce to sell digital downloadable products if you're already using EDD? How do you integrate both plugins?

  11. @Ferdy you are Amazing my friend. Absolutely loved the video. I have now made my first website using WordPress and WooCommerce. Hopefully it does well and I go onto making many more. cannot thank you enough! if you are ever in northern California please let me know so I can show you some hospitality.

  12. Can you do a tutorial that shows how to use WooCommerce to create a crowdfunding site complete with facilitation fees added to the donation amount?

  13. I couldnt change the fonts in my website this is the message : By using external Google Fonts, your website might not comply with the privacy regulations in your country. As an alternative you can use a system font, our Local Google Fonts extension, or this plugin. and don't know how to fix it ?

  14. Thanks but you didn't say what should we do for pictures ? if for example we want to sell the already existing products like Nike Shoes , where can we bring HQ pictures for our websites?? Also if we get permission from the owner and they give us right to copy the same images then what about google ranking and SEO of images ?? when it is the same picture, Also we are allowed to download Amazon product pictures and put in our own website ?? what about copyright and SEO ?

  15. Hi Ferdy,

    To ask an advise WP Beaver Or Divi Theme + Woo Commerce is the right consideration to work on a Sole Indian Praying Items for a client

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